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parents.jpg (5881 bytes) This picture of Marilyn and I was taken about 2 years ago. After 28 years of marriage we're still best buddies.


girls.jpg (6490 bytes) These are our three daughters, from left ot right
Becky, Angela and Melissa.
4babies.jpg (6487 bytes) Becky was here visiting from California with her to babies so off to Walmart we went to get their pictures taken.  Left to right.

Bethany, Justin (Bub), Megan and the little one is Bryson.

bryson.jpg (4510 bytes) Here's little Bryson all by himself. He's a good natured baby. Oh he also has a ticklish spot under his chin.
Megan&Bub.jpg (7465 bytes) These two little angels live about 1 mile from us and we see them almost every day. Hmm what's that old saying? "Their not spoiled - their loved"
bubham.jpg (7625 bytes) Bub just couldn't sit still and be serious. ha.
MEGAN,BUB & PA.JPG (5562 bytes) I stopped by their house for a few minutes and well we had to take a pictures. They were out playing. Bub is ready for a nap.