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I've always enjoyed working with wood but was never to serious about it until the last few years.
After building the small 8X10 shed I used for a shop I built a few birdhouses and some toys 
for the grandkids.  It was just the confidence builder I needed to venture into bigger and better
things. For the first couple of years I only used pine from the borg. I was afraid I would mess up
any expensive wood.  Below are some of the projects I've made starting from the beginning till now.

I built these for our grandchildren for Christmas a couple of years ago.  They weren't perfect but
enough to get me permanently hooked on woodworking.

Christmas 0041.jpg (77075 bytes)    Presents1.jpg (24332 bytes)    birthday2s.jpg (24444 bytes)

Then I ventured out to build a small table with 2 drawers. As I look back on it I see lots of things
I'd do different but still kinda proud of my first furniture piece. I didn't have enough room in
the shed/shop so I had to do the glue ups inside.

Nightstand1.jpg (91968 bytes)   Nightstand7s.jpg (41671 bytes)

I built these shelves for my daughters this past Christmas (can't find the picture of the third one) and
built this cradle for our youngest granddaughter who was 2.  

Ang Shelf1s.jpg (15952 bytes)    Becks Shelf2s.jpg (13589 bytes)     Picture2s.jpg (20281 bytes)            Cradle1s.jpg (12414 bytes)

I built SWMBO this oak coffee table with a tile inlay as a belated Christmas present. 

    Misson table1s.jpg (37335 bytes)                  Mission Table7s.jpg (38957 bytes)     Mission Table13s.jpg (30026 bytes)     

I'm now working on a Curio cabinet, I have the main cabinet done and doors assembled. 
I'm just waiting on the hardware and then order the glass for it.
Here's where I'm at so far. Finally got it finished. We put a few things in it to see how it looks.

Picture1s.jpg (34011 bytes)     Picture4s.jpg (33846 bytes)   Picture3s.jpg (28198 bytes)   Picture13.jpg (106702 bytes)

Below are projects built as Christmas gifts to my wife and daughters

The sofa table and coffee table were built out of quatersawn white oak and finished with Rockler's 
Mission gel stain then a top coat of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal urethane top coat.
The first part of the entertainment center was built of  white oak with a oak bead board back.
Then finished the same as the tables. I still have to built the other side and the cross shelf.
The trash container was birch plywood and oak and finished with several coats of amber shellac and topped 
with General Finishes top coat.
The plate rack was built from quartersawn white oak which had strange but beautiful circular rays. 
The clock I built for the owner of the dealership and it is white oak and finished with a waterbase dye and 
General Finishes top coat. 

CoffeeTable5.jpg (73428 bytes)   SofaTable6.jpg (215761 bytes)  ET3.jpg (66756 bytes)  Mission Clock.jpg (45770 bytes) TrashCan.jpg (45496 bytes)

Plateshelf2m.jpg (24644 bytes)  





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