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Welcome to my woodworking page, Here you will learn more about my love of woodworking and the path I've taken
down the woodworking trail. After working on vehicles and dealing with the public all day it's nice to spend time in the 
shop. So kick back & relax and have a look around. 
Below is the perfect description of how I feel about the shop. It was written by a fellow woodworker JT.

"My shop helps me relax, makes me feel better (more "up" I guess you would say),
and helps ease the headache.
It is enough sometimes just to know it is there, that it's mine.
Sometimes I go out there for hours making something,
sometimes I just piddle around, sometimes I do a little and then just sit for awhile,
and sometimes all I do is just sit,
listen to music, smell the sawdust, watch the birds and squirrels,
and don't think about anything much at all."

All pictures will open in a new page.

Below is home and the single car garage is my woodshop
Even though it's only about 12X18 feet is a lot bigger then
my old 8X10 shed I worked out of. Hopefully before I retire 
I can build a large shop with plenty of room.

House1m.jpg (46199 bytes) House1m.jpg (46199 bytes)

This was my first shop, a 8X10 shed. Couple of small benches, 
Delta benchtop saw & Craftsman router & table.
Adition5m.jpg (40010 bytes)
This is a shot taken from just outside. As I'm acquiring quality 
tools  it to is starting to shrink. Center is the 
Jet contractor saw I bought last November. Behind it is the 
workbench build on a old teachers desk.  
Shop1m.jpg (38256 bytes)    Bench2s.jpg (26224 bytes)
Here is the Dewalt 734 Planer I received for Christmas &
behind it are table saw accessories on a peg board. The cabinets
 I scrounged up free and hold finishing supplies.
Shop2m.jpg (22593 bytes)

In the background is the router table I built last year. 
It's built out of 3/4 mdf and the top is laminated on both sides.
Bosch 1617EVS router in the table.
 I don't have a dust collection yet so have been using a couple
 of box fans with good furnace filters on the front. 


Shop3m.jpg (36775 bytes)    Air Filtrations.jpg (24138 bytes)
This is the far right corner of the shop. TV and radio up on a shelf
hooked to cable so I can watch Norm & Bob. Below it is a 5hp 30
gallon compressor. Scrap wood box and clamp rack.
Shop4m.jpg (40068 bytes)
The shelf above the benches I made after seeing something like it at someone's web page. Holds PC690LR, Dewalt plunge & fixed base router, Dewalt biscuit cutter and PC ros. The PC 12" Dovetail jig is on the shelf under the bench. Shop5m.jpg (45691 bytes)

Dewalt compound miter saw, screw storage and misc. tools
hanging on the wall.


Shop6m.jpg (40918 bytes)
This is the clamp rack. It came out of a shoe factory and after cleaning and making a few modifications it works out great for a mobile clamp rack. Shop8m.jpg (55252 bytes)   Shop9m.jpg (67758 bytes)



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